Dracula Protocol has relied on a core team and internal funding since its inception, which although allows for an agile workflow, has several limitations. The primary drawback is centralization, where the developer funds were under the control of the founders. In order to facilitate a more democratic system, Dracula Protocol has now transitioned into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

What does that mean for Dracula Protocol?

Dracula Protocol is now governed by its members, where any movement of funds from the DAO will have to be approved by stakeholders and submitted by 2 of the 4 multisig holders. …

This article will outline a critical bug we discovered post-V2 launch. We apologize for the lack of communication up until this point regarding the issue, as we intended to not release any information until we fully understood the circumstances regarding the issue. We now understand that was the wrong decision and hope that this incident report covers the entire situation.


4/30/2021 at 12:00 UTC — V2 Launch: Dracula Protocol V2 launches, our new interface is deployed. Several non-critical bugs were reported regarding TVL, mobile responsiveness, and general usability. @mdzor, our frontend lead, begins hotfixes for the frontend.

12 Hours…

For the first time since its inception, Dracula Protocol is consorting with one of its victims! Previously, Dracula Protocol has been seen as incompatible with the DeFi protocols that it harvests due to the constant sell pressure of their native token, such as SUSHI. Although this is still relatively accurate, we found that there are still opportunities for synergies between us and other projects.

Going forward, Dracula Protocol will now exclusively use Sushi when selling victim rewards for ETH. …

In order to maximize profits for users, Dracula Protocol has integrated Rari Capital’s single asset ETH deposit vault into our platform. This vault rebalances ETH deposits between dYdX, Compound, KeeperDAO, AAVE, Alpha Homora, and Enzyme based on the highest returns available.

By integrating this vault, Dracula Protocol will now be able to offer the highest returns possible for the ETH earned by selling underlying yields, such as SUSHI, PICKLE, and STBZ, for users that stake through Dracula Protocol.

Going forward, Dracula Protocol aims to continue to work with Rari Capital on expanding the returns for our users and continuing to…

Dracula Protocol V2 is now LIVE!

Visit our new website at v2.dracula.sucks. Our mainnet contract addresses can be found on our Gitbook which includes extensive information for both new and returning Dracula Protocol users.

What does V2 mean for Dracula Protocol?


With the launch of V2, the total DRC supply has now been officially capped and will no longer be inflationary. You can view the DRC supply metrics on Etherscan.

The Dracula Improvement Proposal (DIP-01) vote on Snapshot decided to incentivize one liquidity provider (LP) pool on Uniswap. Liquidity providers for this pool are able to stake through our…

Launch Date:

The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived! Dracula Protocol V2 will be launched on April 30th, 2021 at 12:00 UTC. Leading up to the launch date, we ask current Dracula Protocol V1 users to follow the migration instructions below.

You can view a countdown to the V2 launch here: https://countingdownto.com/countdown-pages/VLT1SDgm


V1 will now be phased out. For users currently deposited in Dracula Protocol V1, please manually withdraw your liquidity provider tokens. These same tokens will be able to be deposited into Dracula Protocol V2, so you do not have to interact with the underlying…

Dracula Protocol V2 launch is around the corner! We have recently completed an audit of our V2 contracts with Solidity Finance, which resulted in no security issues and overall praise for our developers’ abilities.

With this audit complete, the Dracula team now feels confident enough to move onto the testing phase of our contracts, which will begin with deploying the V2 contracts on the Ethereum Kovan testnet. …

In preparation for Dracula Protocol V2, we want to bring the community together with a good ole’ fashion meme contest! The competition will be fierce and the stakes will be high. With a total of 2,250 $DRC up for grabs, you won’t want to miss out.

Here are the rules:

  • You must post your meme on Twitter with the hashtag #DRACISBACK and the cashtag $DRC. This will help the team identify which memes are specific for this contest.
  • Your meme must be relevant to Dracula Protocol, but get creative!
  • Any media format that can be uploaded to Twitter is eligible.

Drac is Back!

Although Dracula Protocol is only several months old, we have already been through several fundamental changes in our tokenomics and core contracts. Throughout these changes, our community has stayed together and offered continuing support and feedback as to the direction they would like us to move towards.

We are currently finalizing our tokenomics and will be sharing them in a later post. This announcement is to give our community insight into the high-level features we have been working on and the direction we are heading in.

What is Dracula Protocol V2?

Dracula Protocol V2 is a universal…

We are excited to announce that staking pools have been live since yesterday! In this post, we will explain how the pools function and how the tokenomics of DRC are affected by this.

There are two new pools: Staking DRC for ETH and staking DRC for DRC. The idea is that they both utilize two main mechanics of the MasterVampire contract and DRC token life cycle.


DRC -> ETH utilizes buyback mechanics. Our victim pools earn tokens from their underlying protocols, such as UniSwap, SushiSwap, and Pickle. …

Dracula Protocol

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