Public launch of Dracula v2.1

Vampires, arise!

What’s new?

  • Brand new app GUI
  • Brand new landing page
  • User portfolio through Zerion integration
  • Fully integrated snapshot voting
  • Yield boosting through Yearn integration
  • Drains frontrun-protected through ArcherDAO integration
  • New DRC staking contract minting xDRC (similar to xSushi)
  • New LP contract utilizing Sushiswap instead of Uniswap
  • Sushiswap partnership
  • Various v2.0 issues fixed

What’s next?

LobsterDAO governance proposal


New victim adapters


DAO Council

NFT exploration


About Dracula Protocol

  • Dracula drastically reduces gas fees by pooling together user yields. This enables Dracula to act on behalf of thousands of users simultaneously with just a single transaction. This single transaction fee is then distributed over thousands of users.
  • Dracula boosts user yield by placing pools of yield in interest-bearing vaults. This typically results in an added 8–15% boost on top of user returns (Excluding a performance fee that is typical for any yield aggregator).
  • Dracula automatically compounds user yield. Regular compounding leads to exponential returns over extended periods of time vs. linear returns.
  • Dracula delivers your LP rewards to you in ETH, basically allowing anyone to earn pure ETH with any LP token without manual intervention.
  • Dracula does *not* reward liquidity providers minting hyperinflationary tokens that supress price. DRC is non-inflationary with 100% of supply circulating. It is acquired from the markets directly whenever a user chooses DRC over ETH, and additionally through a 3.75% LP fee.




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