Public launch of Dracula v2.1

Dracula Protocol
5 min readOct 25, 2021

Vampires, arise!

The wait is over. Today, we are happy to announce that the beta testing phase of the new and improved Dracula Protocol has concluded succesfully. Dracula Protocol v2.1 is now officially accepting all liquidity providers and yield farmers to deposit LP tokens and start earning ETH!

Check out our 22 current pool offerings (more pools are in the works) and deposit your LP tokens today to start saving on expensive gas fees and receive pure ETH (or DRC).

What’s new?

Since the launch of our open beta on October 11th, we’ve worked hard to iron out the final minor bugs and tweaks to streamline our user experience. But more work has been put into this release than meets the eye. Major improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • Brand new app GUI
  • Brand new landing page
  • User portfolio through Zerion integration
  • Fully integrated snapshot voting
  • Yield boosting through Yearn integration
  • Drains frontrun-protected through ArcherDAO integration
  • New DRC staking contract minting xDRC (similar to xSushi)
  • New LP contract utilizing Sushiswap instead of Uniswap
  • Sushiswap partnership
  • Various v2.0 issues fixed

And more is in the works.

What’s next?

Just because Dracula is now officially open for business, doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back and relax. We’ve also been hard at work to plan a succesful growth phase, and we want the community to get involved. Expect to see more of the following soon:

LobsterDAO governance proposal

Currently, a DAO proposal is ongoing to assess whether the community would be interested in granting LobsterDAO NFT holders voting rights to Dracula. LobsterDAO has been the home of the brightest minds in DeFi for 3 years and is a friend of Dracula Protocol. We’d like to invite the LobsterDAO community to help shape the future of Dracula Protocol and to strengthen the relationship between our two communities.

Read more here:


As promised, the public launch of v2.1 will coincide with the kickoff of our marketing campaign. As a first step, Dracula is now prominently displayed on Reddit for all of their 52 million daily active users to see. You will see more of our marketing efforts soon, including ramped up social media presence.

Think you have a creative marketing idea? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

New victim adapters

Additional victim adapters will be developed to attract a wider range of liquidity providers and yield farmers alike, and increase the returns for our beloved DRC stakers. As we are a community governed protocol and want to hear your voice, a proposal will be launched soon where you can vote on the next victim to be integrated into Dracula.


Now Dracula is open to the public, we’re able to start planning our next major developments. We are going to present the community with a proper roadmap that provides clear oversight on our next milestones to hit. Cross-chain draining will be included and the community will help shape the direction Dracula is headed.

DAO Council

A Dracula council is in the process of being established. This council will consist of the most prominent investors, community members and other interested parties who offer specialized tools to support the development of Dracula. This way, Dracula is able to take advantage of additional networking, marketing, development or other services. Eventually, this council may turn into a sister DAO with its own fund to operate more independently.

NFT exploration

The massive NFT has not gone by unnoticed, as we are witnessing the birth of a parelell world that will eventually integrate seamlessly into DeFi. We are tempted to assess various NFT utilities to leverage and tap into this new market. NFT functionalities are in the exploratory stage for now.


All of us have been anxiously working towards this moment that can be defined as a brand new start for Dracula. Now the protocol is live and fully operational, work has started to propel Dracula into its next phase. Although we are planning further ahead, our short-term focus will be to ensure a succesful launch that includes sucking in TVL to kickstart the platform.

To help raise awareness and call to action, several competition campaigns will be ran in paralell with our marketing campaign. In the meantime, we call upon our community to spread the word that ‘the Drac is back’!

We like to thank our community for their relentless support,

Team Dracula

About Dracula Protocol

Dracula Protocol is an Ethereum-based, fully automated yield aggregator that eliminates costly gas fees:

  • Dracula drastically reduces gas fees by pooling together user yields. This enables Dracula to act on behalf of thousands of users simultaneously with just a single transaction. This single transaction fee is then distributed over thousands of users.
  • Dracula boosts user yield by placing pools of yield in interest-bearing vaults. This typically results in an added 8–15% boost on top of user returns (Excluding a performance fee that is typical for any yield aggregator).
  • Dracula automatically compounds user yield. Regular compounding leads to exponential returns over extended periods of time vs. linear returns.
  • Dracula delivers your LP rewards to you in ETH, basically allowing anyone to earn pure ETH with any LP token without manual intervention.
  • Dracula does *not* reward liquidity providers minting hyperinflationary tokens that supress price. DRC is non-inflationary with 100% of supply circulating. It is acquired from the markets directly whenever a user chooses DRC over ETH, and additionally through a 3.75% LP fee.



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