#DRACISBACK Meme Contest

  • You must post your meme on Twitter with the hashtag #DRACISBACK and the cashtag $DRC. This will help the team identify which memes are specific for this contest.
  • Your meme must be relevant to Dracula Protocol, but get creative!
  • Any media format that can be uploaded to Twitter is eligible.
  • An account can only have one of their memes selected to be a finalist but can enter up to 5 memes. There should only be one meme per tweet, so pick your best ones!
  • The account must have at least 10 tweets and 10 followers. This is to prevent people from creating multiple accounts. If followers are an issue, join our Discord and Telegram to make some friends!
  • All memes must be original! Don’t steal any or you will be disqualified 🧛‍♂️

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Dracula Protocol

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